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Hello my dear reader! 

I hope you all are doing great and being safe.  

Well, life isn’t easy to live! I know you all will agree with this statement. But at the same time, it is also true that nothing is easy until you try to make it.  

You lose not when you fail, you lose when you don’t restart again after failing.” Why don’t we get the courage to start things again when we fail? So, some facts are, it takes a lot of strength and guts to stand up again after falling. It is said that, no one is more dangerous than a person who stands up after a bad experience because he is the one who now already knows the rules by falling again and again. He is experienced now; he has learnt a lot and is here to win now. Indeed, it is the most difficult phase, it is when nothing is going right but still the winner finally wakes up from his sleep. 


 It's always upto you. If you choose to stick to the old ways with which you've always led your life or to stand up and re start your life from zero with a new approach, with the confidence that,” Yes, I am doing it now with wisdom.” We just want to become successful without facing failure which is not possible. And once we fail, we get afraid of restarting again, and that’s where we fail. If you try to pursue your hobbies after becoming successful in some other field, you have to restart again no matter how talented you are. 


Life is full of exams, and it totally depends on you whether you want to appear in it or not.

A famous saying of Dr. Rahat Indori defines life as, “Yun ungliyaan sab par uthaaya na karo, kharch karne se pehle kamaaya karo, zindagi kya hai khud hi samajh jaoge, baarishon mein patange udaaya karo.”  

This is life, but we have to take risk if we want to achieve something. You have to face the humiliation when you start things from the beginning but we are not in this world to compete who’ll become successful first. So, just keep in mind whether you are getting into a new field or you want to stand again after failing just speak out loud-LET’S RESTART AGAIN.  


Life is very unpredictable; you may smile right now and start crying the very next moment. Your past can't be changed. Its mandatory to always remember that some experiences are memories while some are lessons. You may fail in love, life or to yourself but you should know that you can always start again. You're strong enough to decide that from now, there is no looking back. You're alive - flaunt it. You made mistakes, correct it. You want to make rules, so make it. Do whatever you want to do in your new life, live again as you've never lived before.  


Just be what you are and become what you want to be. 

That all for today. Meet you all soon guys with something new. 

Till then keep smiling, boost your morale and live your life to the fullest! 




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