By- Aryan Varshney
Hey as you Know My Name is Aryan Varshney.I am 18 year young and I am on the journey of living My Life. I learn From my experiences and write them 😉

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Aryan Varshney


Let's Rock This Decade 2021~2030 🔥


Here we are at the starting of a new decade. We have just faced a pandemic.We are going to create things in this decade that don't exist in the present timeline. As a Youth this is Our decade. In this decade we will complete our education,will work on some crazy stuff, will get married.We are going to build in this decade.

So here are some things to do, to start the new Decade.

  • Let's make a goal list with vision for our future and remember our goals will not only affect our life but all of those around us, Our Nation 
  • Make another list. The To~Do list contains all the crazy stuff that we want to do like flying a plane,traveling to new places, new countries, scuba diving,paragliding, and many more!

Try new things. We are young full of energy.Let do stuff that make us happy Let's find our passion and the only way to find our true passion is to try variety of stuff try skateboarding, try cycling(by cycling I mean travel to those places where we never go) learn cooking,singing,dance.Let's Do stuff that we had never done in our childhood .Open a YouTube channel, try writing and why not Grab an internship in peppy Chunk  just try what you love to do what you want to do and remember

"We Are What We Are"

We have enormous dreams for our life but they will remain our imagination until we work on them


During our past we might have developed some fears. This is the time to conquer them. For example you might have built stage fear during your schooling,then go make your communication skills stronger. It will give you confidence and roll it out during your college. 

We  will surely get an opportunity but  may be as a challenge.

During these 10 years we are going to face hell a lot of challenges , in the beginning they will hurt us but they are not problems actually they are our opportunity. An opportunity to change our self an opportunity to GROW an Opportunity to bring best out of us.

"Opportunity has a sly habit of slipping in by the back door, and often it comes disguised in the form of misfortune,or temporary defeat.Perhaps this is why so many fail to recognize opportunity"

 The journey is going to be amazing. There is one thing which I have done and  you should too try,make a video on your goal for this decade honestly whatever you have dream about your life and upload it on YouTube with a timer set to 2030.(You don't need to create a new channel you can simply upload it in your personal account)

Imagine when we see our video in future how happy we would be and if some goals remain uncompleted during our Hustles we will get a reminder, we will have a burning motivation to pursue our goals.

" People often have too many expectation from a year and they Underestimate what they can do in a decade "

Make your choice very wisely and never get stuck between two choices as you never know which one would be right for you. At that time trust your heart,instincts, karma or whatever you call it.

You would be happy. and the biggest regret is not giving a try.(Personally I felt that when I see my jee score I realised that I should have studied and have not waste my time, we will get many failures like recently I get but they are to teach us life lessons, like now I know the importance of time) and

"Time is Not Money,Time is LIFE"

We all have limited time,We all are mortal so use it wisely!

These years will make you or will fall, it all depends on your choice,How you live your time.

  •  That's it begins with whatever stuff You have around you. 
  • And Let's give our best at whatever we do. We must put our heart and soul into it

Thank You

Aryan Varshney


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