By- Neha Nautiyal

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Neha Nautiyal


Life after class 12



School over and the real race begins. 

On 13 July 2020, class 12 results were announced. That moment was thrilling and full with excitement.

  I started crying and praying to god even before i got to know my scores because i had this fear that will i be able to fulfill my parents' wishes? BUT as they say 'IF YOU WANT SOMETHING VERY PASSIONATELY THEN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO FULFILL YOUR DREAMS'. And I got 94.2 %. This was more than what i expected, i started shouting because now i can get admission in DELHI UNIVERSITY. 


    Now, i felt more mature, responsible but at the same time i had this fear that whether i will get a job or not. YES, this sounds a little weird but if we give it a deep thought, my scores were just enough to get me into DU but this would have little or no impact in my future goals. Now, the competition is even bigger and tough. But, i have to fulfill my parents' dream and it's my goal to give them whatever they didn't get in their childhood. 

So, i nowadays i am continuously surfing through the net to know about various courses, part-time jobs and everything that can support me and my family. 

     This lock-down taught me various things in my life. I have changed a lot and I'm regularly working on my skills because this LIFE RACE won't end until get a job and maybe it won't stop even after that.


 Let's see what has god kept in my bag of experiences. 

Please share your views on my blog and if you think that you can advice me on the same, Do comment on this for sure. I will be writing daily to give you an idea what a 17 year old girl thinks about the daily happenings in her life. So, welcome to neha's world!!!!!!







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