By- Sanjeevani Shukla
Let's just keep saying it until we actually start believing it.

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Sanjeevani Shukla


Life after Death

Misty meadows as far as my worn out eyes could behold,

Striving to not think of the distant abode.

It was dewy all around and puzzling, something that my senses struggled to comprehend,

Not just my current milieu, rather my altered disposition after the beginning of the end.

As perplexed as I was, I resolved to traverse the narrow, unwalked path though the middle of the meadows,

Gulping up all my bewilderments, I started to walk towards the fading, distant echoes.

A sweet walk rather it was, very much to my surprise,

No thorns, no distractions;

No obstacles, no lies.

Just an effortless walk under the misty blue skies.

I found myself chasing a distant bright light,

Like the sun rising or the moon blazing white.

My chase seemed to go on forever,

Making my feet now quiver.

However, as the end was nearing I could feel the warmth of the blaze,

The edginess of my insides made me pace my steps towards it with great haste.

Upon reaching it, my sense of vision couldn’t believe what it was beholding,

Memory after memory, vision after vision, some sweet some sour.

One after the other all disappearing,

Into an abyss of nothingness.

I watched my mother feeding me when I was a child,

I watched myself feeding her when she was old.

I saw the times when I was beautiful and young,

My demeanour, oh so soft and mild.

I watched my first heartbreak all over again,

I saw people come and go with seasons changing,

And I stood there, with more wrinkles on my face with each passing memory.

My back bent a little more, more colours from my face draining.

A tear or two trickled down my cheeks but my lips curled up into a smile,

I saw everything and felt nothing.

It was peace and I had my cake,

I couldn’t think of walking one more mile….

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