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Chong Lhungdim


Life In Pandemic

Reality Check

Pandemic has come a long way from the beginning of 2020 till date. As billions of people get stuck at home, it has pretty much become our daily life and we have become pretty much use to it. The outbreak of the novel Corona virus has done a lot of damage and brought a big change in our lives. It goes hand in hand, the positive and negative impacts.

  • Positive Impacts of Pandemic

Pandemic has had a lot of impact on an individual's daily life due to lockdown. Looking at the positive aspect of it's impact in our lives, many people who were usually busy and engage in work without having a chance to give time to his/her family, is able to spend a lot of time with their families. According to reports, around 55% of couples were able to sort out their relationship problems during the pandemic by spending time together. Many parents could spend time with their children and actually engage themselves in family activities. The best part about pandemic for many is that they are able to work from home comfortably at their comfort zone without having to travel among the crowd. During pandemic many people resorted to learning and taking online courses and classes to gain in-depth knowledge and the number of online learners increased immensely, which is beneficial for all willing to enlarge their scope of knowledge and understanding on certain subject/topics.

  • Negative Impacts of Pandemic

Apart from it's positive impacts, pandemic has brought about many negative challenges during lockdown, which can't be ignored. It is important to understand the negative aspects of lockdown during pandemic since it's negative impacts just might be more than it's positive aspects. During lockdown, it has been recorded that 60% and more cases of abuses at home and around 40% rise in unemployment. Many people develop depression over time caused by stress due to being unemployed or loss of job as well as being unpaid. This has affected families and cause a rise in abuse among families from children to among parents, and women are especially affected and are being a victim in such cases. A lot of migrants also return back to their hometowns due to loss of job and unemployment. Many poor people are going hungry and starving due to no employment and no work means no money. A large number of deaths has also been reported not only of covid but of other diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, or dengue/malaria and many other illnesses which are not covid. The number of suicides due to depression has increased during the pandemic.

  • Post Pandemic Life at a Look

Pandemic along with its negative and positive impacts, is believed to dissapear in the coming years and the hope that is expected to bring about positive changes along. Many government and private enterprises are expecting a lot of positive change post covid. However, experts argue that, a lot of positive change might take a while to happen and maybe even years for employment opportunities to open up again. Once the pandemic gets over, people will still appreciate the time and effort spent during the lockdown phase and understand the importance of many things through their experience and learn to value everything they didn't. Hope is what we cling to amidst the pandemic and it is what will keep us alive and prepare us for such situations if it were to occur again.

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