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Ekjot Kaur


Life: Journey or Destination?

Reality Check

When we touch a flower and it sways under our contact, life is what we experience. When we sit beside a pond and look into the ocean world, we experience life. Life is beautiful and we cannot explore its meaning in one lifetime. It teaches us a new lesson every day and tests our patience with every step that we take but it is also a memorable event. Life provides us with a blur of emotions which are overwhelming at times and it gifts us people who love us unconditionally.

It is often said that 'life is a journey'. It is said that life is a road, full of obstacles that we have to jump across. The obstacles will be unbearable at times and life will throw curveballs that you can never expect. You will face a mixture of happy and sad situations but how you react to them will eventually be a deciding factor in the kind of life you will live. The situations you face may not always lead to a positive outcome but you should never deter from your path, as once you sway, you will never find your way back. When something goes unexpectedly wrong, it is natural to lose your confidence and faith but you can also take the bull by its horn and make the wrong into a right. As a saying rightly goes, when someone puts a gun on your head, you do not surrender, instead, you call their bluff or do one of hundred and forty-six other things.

In the journey of your life, you meet people every day, people are the lessons that life has for you. Some of these people stay for a long time but others go out of your life just as soon as they come in, but everyone you meet teaches you a thing or two. You get inspired by some while others break your heart. Some teach you how to cook while others teach you how to drive a car. These experiences and people are what make our journey memorable. Looking back at old memories will make you smile fondly and you can enjoy the reminiscence of these memories.

On the other hand, it is also said that life is a destination. When people prefer journey over destination, they often sway from their dreams and goals. Life is said to be beautiful only when we have a goal in the end or else, the whole journey becomes meaningless. The destination is the endpoint of any journey, it is what motivates a person trying to lose 10 kgs weight or a person trying to study for IAS examinations. The idea of reaching their destination empowers their will and make them work harder. This is why people also believe that life is about destinations. But when we look at the big picture, a person never stops setting their goals. When we reach a particular destination, we automatically set a new one. The person trying to study for IAS might set a new goal of getting married and the person trying to lose 10 kgs might set another goal for building muscles on their body. These examples tell us that life is not one destination as destinations are recurring in nature with the final destination being death.

When a person is set on their goals and fails to enjoy the journey, their journey becomes meaningless. Risking everything to achieve your goal may seem necessary at times but we forget to ask ourselves one question whether if it is going to make us happy in the end. When we have achieved our goal, we usually reflect upon our journey and if there is nothing to take from the journey itself, the taste of success becomes bitter. Take any biopic as an example, you will see the whole journey being depicted because people go through a lot of hardships in life and it is only when one learns from those situations that he moves forward in life. Only an unsuccessful person would be goal-oriented and would try to work towards the goal while the person who has been able to achieve his goal would learn from his mistakes and his hardships so that he can incorporate those skills in the future.

The question of ‘Is life a journey or a destination?’ is best answered by one person and that person is you. People have different views on life and summarising everyone’s opinion in one article is neither possible nor practical.

So, if you want to start your career at the age of 18, it is fine but so is being confused about what you want to do. We see Kylie Jenner as an example of a young businesswoman but we also have Stan Lee whose comic books became a hit when he was 39 years of age.

Adventure, fun and danger would only teach you good lessons and would make your journey a more fruitful one. So live a little, do what makes you happy, even if it is different from what society says because in the end, when you look back into your life after you listened to everyone but yourself, you will only feel regret and this regret will poison your present. Life is about living and the road you take will make all the difference.

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