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Lifestyle and Problems of a Middle Class Boy


A middle-class family is a social group that consists of ordinary people who usually have good jobs and are neither rich nor poor.

I grew up in a middle-class family, the kind of family where you squeeze toothpaste get to the last little bit, use the soap until it totally finishes and uses the empty containers of different items like Horlicks to store the cereals and pulses. In essence, it is always made sure that the wastage is minimal and use everything in the best way before considering and dumping an item as a waste. A middle-class family knows how to use an item in the best possible ways.

For instance, an old t-shirt would never find its way to the garbage bin until it is used as a mop. Newspapers’ just not serve the purpose of delivering news but also as notebook covers, an occasional fly swatter and many more.

A middle-class family person is always hit by economic problems the most. The increasing prices of items ranging from groceries to petroleum make the monetary problem of middle-class people worse. A middle-class family person has to face many roadblocks due to his financial crisis. To meet his requirement of money he has to go for loans and borrowings which make him knee-deep in debts and mortgages as the rate of interest are so high that it makes it very difficult to return the money.

Quality Education is one thing that everyone desires of but the middle-class person has to think many times before getting his child into a school providing decent education as the cost of education is touching the sky. It doesn’t end with the high school fees only. The high annual maintenance fees, industrial visits and fee for other annual programs are icing on the cake, sarcastically. Sometimes even after having a strong academic record, the renowned and prestigious colleges remain out of reach because of the financial constraints. In severe situations, parents even have to sell off their assets such as jewellery to manage funds for their children’s education.

After these education-related constraints, health and wealth are other add-ons to their burden. Most of the middle-class people do not have the resources to get medical and health insurance. In this world, no doctor is kind enough to help a person by waving off the charges. And just imagine if such a person having no medical insurance and very limited monetary resources meets an unfortunate accident and the bills are beyond his pocket allows! Such difficulties are faced by a common man in his everyday life.

In this fast-changing and the modern world, the technological boom is another thing that makes the life of a middle class even more difficult. Most of the middle-class people are engaged in a job as a profession and a person having jobs are necessarily required to own a laptop and a smartphone as it becomes a part of their work. Also, this Covid pandemic situation has made it more difficult by getting everything totally digitalized. All the students are now taught via the e-learning procedures for which owning a smartphone has become a must. This must not be understood as if I am a technology hater rather, I am a technology lover but all this has an adverse monetary effect on Indian middle-class family.

To finally conclude this article, I would just say that the life of a middle-class person has many ups and downs and he needs to think twice before spending money. He may be called a miser at many stages of his life but believe me, he is the one who can tell you the best way of using money and instil anyone with a great sense of saving money which has become very important in these phases of life where there is no end to the high inflation rates. 

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