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Kashish Soni



Okay, so valentine week is coming and at this time, love is in the air. So, why not discuss about relationships or furthermore about long distance and short distance relationships. Might have heard about online dating on tinder or other new emerging dating applications. Many people turn out to be good couples from those dating sites, but most of them lives far away or you may say in another state, which leads to a long distance relationship. These relationship means no meeting for a long time. If you like someone enough to be in a relationship with them, you want to spend time with them. You just don't want to hear about the daily routine of that person, you actually want to be with them at that point of time. So, be honest, are any of you in long-distance relationships? If yes, how do you deal with it? Do you think long-distance boyfriends/girlfriends are ideal, or more of a deal breaker? How often do you like to visit the person you're dating?

Sometimes, people prefer long distance relationships because of their shyness. And some prefer hours spent talking on the phone. Couples learn to grow more independently in long distance relationships. Trust and loyalty is much needed during such relationships. These two factors lead to a long term relationship. Efforts are actually needed from both the sides. Some people feel that relationships die faster if you get to see your boyfriend/girlfriend everyday. Short distance relationships can be good to because you feel like someone is always there by your side and a call away from you. You will not feel lonely, but in long distance, at a certain point you may need the existence of the person.

Communication is an important key, whether you are in a short distance or a long distance relationship. Getting into any type of relationship is completely your choice. You must think about the pros and cons of both and decide further for your own good.

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