By- Harsh sharma
Unapologetically Imperfect

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What is love?

Cherishing memories together is love.

Nourishing each other is love.

Smiling with grace when you know it hurts is love.

Walking away is love.

Staying and holding is also love.

Making things happen, even for small appreciations is love.

Gliding fingers through hair is love.

Secretly observing someone is love.

Mentally creating scenarios is love.

Crying for someone is love, as smiling with someone is love.

Smiling for no reason because of someone is love.

Hustling together is love.

Managing things when it is hard is love.

Letting things go is love.

Caring for someone more than you should is love.

Falling for a set of eyes is love.

Walking down the street is love.

Making thousands of miles in a blink to see a face is love.

Do you know what is love?

Maybe you do.

Can you explain it?

Probably not.

Love is beautiful as colours of flowers.

It smells like nectar.

It feels an eerie down your spine,

And leaves a blunt face with smile.

It is a cool breeze when you are tired,

A sooth your when you are hurt.

It nourishes your trifling talents

But it is not always awarding.

We sometimes loose something.

We look behind,

With teary eyes

And holding hope

When we know

That it will just hurt.

More and more, every day

But love is just not about big, grand celebrations

It is about small details

How we laugh

How we cry

How we hold hands

And want to fly

Love dominates thoughts

Love intricate mind

Love is dry, but like wind

It just takes you away

Sometimes you discover yourself

And sometimes you loose

A small part of you

In the walk of love.

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