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Love in the air!



So the end of the year is near.

This year was such a rough time for the whole world😖

but I hope your winters are going well🥶

Can we make this year quite good🤔

Ohh do you have feelings for someone😏

What! she has the same feeling for you too🤩

Well dude, you don't know but you are damn lucky🥳

Okay so now if in the upcoming year, you are thinking to uplift your relationship to a next level then send her this 👇

In the world full of fake people🥺

I found the real one🥰

I never thought that such😋

You'll love me so much!😍

Surely, the soul of yours😇

and the heart of mine💖

will be together🤗

to shine our smile😁

Baby, I want you in my arms🤗

I need you in my life😄

Neither as a friend nor as a girlfriend😉

but soon as mah loving #WIFE😘

I agree that loosing to someone is what i hate😤

still i lost mah heart to you🙈

coz you are my life,my only #SOULMATE😍

Yrr I'm really in #LOVE with #YOU🥰

I dream of waking up with you🥳

to fulfill this dream tell me what should i do🥺

I want to be with you in my life's every tier😊

rather you know but i should mention again dear😄


Your #BEAUTY, the😋


made me to fell in love with you!🙈


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