By- Gautami N

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Gautami N


Love is just a feeling


There is something about the way you make me feel.

Your eyes make my insides cold,

Your words are a punch in the gut,

Your smile frightens me that I'd have you again,

and your sadness, I find it comforting.

You are not my sunshine anymore.

Love feels so dry, I want it to rain, as if your tears couldn't make me stay.

Love feels like yesterday, when your presence didn't cripple my heart.

Love felt like home, before you searched for another set of walls.

And love seemed like love, when I had you.

You make me believe that the stars above don't have a reason to shine,

And that one day the sun would drown in my sadness and never rise.

Made me believe that autumn lives in me, each time I fall for you,

But Love, love doesn't really look pretty on you.

I am afraid loving you will come with the blues.

But it's just a feeling, you'll fall out of it too.

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