By- Raghav Bharti
I write what I can’t say and I don't say most of the things.

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Raghav Bharti


Mad Man


Blurred was my vision when you walked out of my car.

Now I gaze at the stars alone and hit every bar.

‘Forever’ was the word you mouthed when you took our vow.

And I often find myself wondering,will this 2 year hiatus be forever now?

Nostalgic flashbacks of your caper in black and white scenes.

Standing below your window serenading my lungs out just like a film reel.

Do you remember that teenage night when we sneaked out and chased the moonlight till sunshine bled on our face?

With my hands on your waist feeling like lilies and cotton painted surface.

Your fuchsia dress flowing through the air, brighter than the sun we were looking at.

And you holding your heels in your hands so you can kiss me better.

Your hair like cold rain droplets on my face.

Billion dollars love affair like a walk to the grace.

....But now the streets are empty and memories of those teenage nights are just in vain.

And they say every midnight a mad man comes,running around the town,lonely and insane.

Now when someone meets the mad man and tries to be his lover.

His insanity shuts them down and mouths ‘Fuck you forever’.

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