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Madubani art - the pride of india


Madubhani paintings is also known as Mithila Paintings are the quintessence folk art form of Mithila Region of Bihar. The art form is incredibly old and the name ‘Madhubani’ which means, ‘forest of honey,’ has a lineage of more than 2500 years.These paintings are the local art of Madhubani district of Bihar, which is also the biggest exporter of Madhubani paintings in India.

Recently, Madhubani painting style came into limelight after some artists decided to renovate the Madhubani Railway Station by painting a huge Madhubani painting on the walls of the railway station. The painting spans across an area of 7000 square feet and is expected to attract tourism to the Madhubani District. Madhubani art has received international and national attention in recent times.

Paintings and art are a reflection of the culture and tradition of the place from where they originate. Madhubani paintings are an important part of the Indian Culture. Madhubani painting in black and white are some of the oldest and most beautiful art that people can witness and admire. The style, which was losing its importance earlier is once again emerging as a major art form. I have learnt madhubani art during my fine arts module days . It is very detailed oriented art which is not only a aesthetically pleasing but also enriches our traditional style.

Painting is done with fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks, using natural dyes and pigments, and is characterised by eye-catching geometrical patterns.

There are several dedicated organizations that work to support this unique form of Indian art. There are a lot of galleries that contain Madhubani paintings both in India and in other countries. These organizations also work with the Madhubani artists to promote this form of art.

I'm concluding the article by saying that madubani has its own unique prestige like other art forms and paintings . It is still attracting many artists and non - artists from generations and hence it is a honor to know and learn about the art.

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