By- Versha Vaishnav
I need someone in my dark to light up my life n there I got my diary🌸🌸

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Versha Vaishnav


Measurements of Love


The measure of love

feel like me and you in a beautiful snowfall

My hands were not in your hands cause you are touched feel so far.

The measure of love

your presence in my life made me beautiful

How can I not fall for you ,when it all starts with you,

The measure of love

with eyes close ,my inner temple bathing in light

With you I am able to reach millions of height,

The measure of love

feeling what our hearts are thinking and our bodies channeling

Locking into destiny's paradise ,oh God do you hear my heart singing,

The measure of love

your smiling face, make me smile when I feel exhausted

And it is a beautiful present you give to me,

The measure of love

I do not think that my love for you can be measured

I do not agree to those laws that says it can be measured,

The measure of love

me and you, dancing in rain ,rainbow as our protector

It is a beautiful film ,me and you acting as an actor,

The measure of love

I can hear you call ,I run into your arms

Matchless love and beautiful, endless worth,

The measure of love

from a distance far, you feel my feelings for you I have for you

Through sunlight rays ,through the shadows , you come running with wide arms open,

The measure of love

you make my soul sing , you make my world breathe

I feel without you ,nothing is possible in my life,

The measure of love

falling.... falling....and still feel falling for you

I find it wonderful to feel more beautiful with you,

The measure of love

how can I not fall for this wonderful wonder that happen in my life

me and you, beautiful birds ,with beautiful Wings, flying in the sky of love,

The measure of love

my love for you and your love for me is forever

with your presence in my life I feel butterflies in my tummy,

To love or have loved I guess this is enough where I feel I am in love with you presence in my life , asking nothing further.

I love you to the square of infinity🌸💗

This is my love for you. Love takes up where pain leaves off.

Thank you

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