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 When we hear the word meditation, we feel like we have to get immersed in a deep concentration. We feel like we have to have some magical powers for the same.But today I am here to brief you about what meditation is.It is a calm and lovable state of mind.It is a journey of slowing your thinking process and also a path towards positive thinking. So,meditation is a way of life which should be given time in today's world.In times of crisis, where are mental health is suffering ,we should spare atleast 5 mins wherein we could sit in peace,let the thoughts and emotions flow.

So yes, it is rightly said that we thrive every moment to turn our lives into a positive direction.

But, only a calm, relaxed and blissful mind can pave the way for a successful and well- lived experience on this planet.

To guide this, we have the best practice Meditation' in our culture. Further, it is part of Yoga...

So I would like to explain few basic elements about what Yoga actually is & how we could enhance our lives by some yoga aasans.


The word yoga is derived from the sanskrit world 'yuj' meaning to urify'. Yoga is just not 15-30 mins activity but rather a state of being when we dwell on the concept of yogic lifestyle does not indicates meditating on a hill for days, no it is not about that. However, it about Keeping not letting your mental energy raised, by not letting the outside ascumstances hinder your peace. It focusses on the truth that life is not outside, it is inside you - your thoughts and


By practicing yoga we could avail a number of physical and psychological benefies including

:- impreved muscle &length

:- enhanced feelings of well being

:- anniery reduction

:- nit chances of depression

:- a better sleep

With growing health issues like diabetes, thyroid , PCOS, PMS Other Seasonal diseases, Yoga and provides life altering experience.

I believe it is not about slim or a fat body but rather a healthy body.

Now I would discuss some assans and methods which would prove to be useful to all the people.

1) Nauli Kriya

Helps to curb - Constipation, lethargy, diabetes etc.

2) Dharti Kriya

helps curt: Astama, cold, cough, Obesty etc.


(Easy Pose) : Mental disorders, asthmas

Supta Vajrasana (Sleeping adamantine pose) helps curb: Mental disorders

Matsyasana, Halasana

help curb - Menstrual disorders.

Bhujang asana

helps curb - heart diseases



> Then also there are some aasans which help combat PCOS.

1 Tadasnama - 15 seconds

2 Yogmudra - 15 seconds

3 Naukasana- 15 seconds.

4 Ushtrasana - 15 seconds.

5 Halasana- 15 seconds

and many more.


вy noting and thinking over all these points stated above I would just say that has the solution to all our problems. Apart from this, Yoga also helps in the рrocess of energy transpormation within the human body. It does that by releasing the trapped (Kranic) energy inside the body. So, yoga is а blanket over meditation. Exercise like pranayam (brethe in and brethe out) are also vital due to an urgent need оf оur immune system to be healthy and improved .

Stay happy

Stay positive 

Stay safe.......

This time is ending soon

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