By- Shravani Agnihotri
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Shravani Agnihotri


Mental Rape

Hello guys this is shravani so today I'm going to talk on the topic named Mental Rape this topic is related to the situation of compulsion on women / girls.

{This issue is not pointed to anyone}

Mental Rape is being done on Women/Girls in the name of compulsion this Mental Rape is done in some villages as well as in some cities too.

Some people still thinks that Women /Girls should not be educated nor they should be independent. This is so important to aware that this Mental Rape should be stopped.

Mental Rape is a very common & critical issue, this issue is being done indirectly .

This issue is highly increasing in the society & it's a nadir task for change makers.

Mental Rape is done by Society, Family members in the case specially by family members ex - Father, Mother, Grandparents, Brother,Husband also in this case mental Rape is done specially by In Laws . This Mental Rape is done in the name of Rituals, God , Rules of Society ,etc .etc.

Some Mental Rapes are done as a compulsion of dressing style, compulsion of Long hair , compulsion of no make up or no to wear heels .

This Mental Rape is being done in the number of increasing order the percentage of this Mental Rape is 97% it's the highly increasing issue in India.

So guys wake up give a chance to every single women to prove herself ,to make her life ,to live her life. We live once and who knows if there's a second chance to live a life.

And also one message to the women caste , Women is the synonym of Strong so wake up women for a free life , if you want to live independently & thinks that the nonsense compulsion is being done say no to that compulsion .


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