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Gargee Sharma


Michelle Obama's life extracts and how she inspires me.


“Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own” – Michelle Obama

The strongly compassionate woman, filled with self-confidence and is an exceptional orator

– powerful enough to be vocal without any political pressure. She is a living example of what

women should start to learn in this tough and competitive world and exhibit their inner


Michelle embraced her role as First Lady by using the platform she was offered to be an

advocate for healthy living, a fitness leader, and a persistent example of grace and poise.

She was never just a senator's wife but a bold and powerful identity of her self.

In the searing limelight of her husband's fame, she has an ambitious sparkle that makes her an idol

for the women out there making their way through the career-driven world.

The most inspiring thing about her is the fact that she played the role of a doting mother, a

supportive wife, and a political face for the nation impeccably.

The book written by her- 'Becoming' is her autobiography elucidating every detail right from her childhood to her

journey into the White House. Reading the book has made me look into her life much vividly

and getting to know what all adversities she had to go through to come out as a warrior and

an inspiration to millions.

Her authentic charisma has always made me feel that we needn't be pretentious to stand

out and seek attention, such type of attitude will only keep us running in a vicious cycle of

unauthentic approach towards life.

Her genuine care for the nation during her husband’s presidency tenure – Barack Obama,

has reflected in many ways, be it representing and empowering the black community or

helping several students to pay off their massive debts or supporting the American fashion

designers, bringing needed attention to childhood obesity, promoting physical activity,

demonstrating how to handle unwarranted criticism and probably there is not an end to her

dedication and efforts in molding America into a nation that can be proudly accepted.

Reckoning an excerpt from her book, where she has spoken about her career after

graduating from law school, she started working as an associate in the Chicago branch of

the firm Sidley Austin in the area of marketing and intellectual property.

Her transition from this well-settled career life and leaving the corporate law to pursue a

career in public service and working as an assistant to Mayor Richard Daley and then as the

assistant commissioner of planning and development for the city of Chicago has been an

inspiring incident as it requires real wits to leave a well-to-do job and settle for providing the

humanity and successfully transcended the political lines and radical lines after becoming

the First Lady of America.

Humanity is above any trait and worldly pleasure in my opinion, which I’ve formed after

getting to know how Michelle is a living example for preaching humanity above any worldly

comfort. Her growing love for her husband and her kids and concurrently helping the nation

to become a better place for its natives has left a deep impact on the lives of millions.

‘You may not always have a comfortable life and you will not always be able to solve all of

the world’s problems at once but don’t ever underestimate the importance you can have

because history has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take a life on

its own’ – Michelle Obama. This very famous quote of Michelle Obama has kept me

motivated to handle the constraints of life and always focus on the brighter side of life. Here is the link to her book, ‘becoming’ – Get to know

her better through this book!

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