By- Jasleen Kaur

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Jasleen Kaur


Mirror- the most underrated hero

Unsung Heroes

MIRROR might just be a six-letter word but its meaning and utility are much more profound. It is often said that the mirror shows us a reflection of our self perhaps in the truest and honest manner. It is a reflection of ourselves and in no way is shy from bringing it forth. It is this feature that makes it the most appealing of all existent inanimate objects.

Do you or have you ever stood in front of it talking or murmuring? I bet you have. Don't worry, I'll not ask you to say it out loud. But, I'm sure we'll all agree on this- it is a strong confidante. You gossip to him and it will keep, tell him how your day went and it'll listen, ask him how you look and will answer honestly etcetera...

He is a strong friend of a dependant. Does not let you down and above all, is honest.

He is unlike the many other jewels of the universe like the moon, the sun who all exaggerate your appearances, fulfil your wish of beauty and yet lie to you. The biggest liars of all- candles. These make you appear the most charming, luminous thing alive. Under the moonlight, under the sunshine, everything seems mesmerizing and appears beautifully lit. This is nothing but the eclipse of truth, of reality.

It comes in all shapes and sizes be it rectangular, square, circular, oval, back-lit and many more. Since diversity is at its core, it accommodates not one finite measure but all. All shapes, all sizes, all genders and certainly all of everything.

I often find myself staring at the mirror for too long, reciting my favourite verses, engaging in a debate with myself, confiding in it, sharing with it, expecting to see something beautiful whenever I peep. Then, it occurs to me is this all even real? yes, it is.

Nothing in this world is real except the TRUTH. It is absolutely powerful, destructive and all-pervading. Occasionally, might be harsh. Once you peep into the True Mirror (not the one fixed at a wall), you become powerfully aware of its magnitude. It is the truth that belongs to you, my friend.

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