Money Heist:The phenomenon ( Spanish- La casa de papel:El Fenòmeno)

Genre: Crime drama 

Rating: 4.5 stars

Seasons till 2020 :4

Duration of each episode : 40-60 mins

What would be your  life like if you had the machine for printing currency? 

In Madrid,Spain an extraordinary mastermind called ‘The professor’ finds 8  fellows with different talents who have nothing to lose.The professor has a full proof plan to enter the Royal Mint of Spain and print millions of euros.

The professor guides from outside while the real operation is executed by the 8 team members.The team faces many ups and downs,fights , relationships ,dealing with hostages and the elite police forces. The heist continues for 11 days and the gang manages to escape towards a luxury life.

After years the gang is reunited and are directed towards a second heist to steal gold from the Bank of Spain.

The technicalities to plan a heist ,handling the police forces brings tension among viewers.It is a little bit overrated but is worth watching .You may find some episodes boring while some will leave you breathless.It’s an ultimate daring recommendation for all themystery and crime lovers.


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