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Heya my lovely readers!  

I hope you all are doing well.   

Today, I am here with a general topic but the most loved one! 



I’d like to start this blog with a quote which I think is damn true, “Life began with waking up and loving my mother's face.” A mother is the only one who loves you even before you are born. We all have studied the sacrifice of a mother in books, magazines, etc., but have you really felt her sacrifice? Honestly, most of us haven’t really felt it. None of us can endure even a percent of the pain she undergoes with. Before a mother, she’s a wife, a daughter, a sister and most importantly a WOMAN. What amuses and surprises me at the same time is the fact that this human performs all her responsibilities with a smile on her face. How does she do that? This will remain a mystery forever. No matter how much we try to perfect ourselves to do the jobs she does, it's something which only she can do perfectly, and no one else.  




Around five or six years ago, my mom caught a disease of which I was not aware. Nobody told me. Still, she continued to work a lot, taking care of the entire family and handled the household chores. After 3-4 years I got to know that she was going through so much with a smile on her face. Despite she was in pain, she was still performing all the tasks which a mother performs.  

What I despise the most about these beautiful creatures is that they sacrifice their lives to the extent that they won't even take care of their own health properly. In every era, everyone thinks about themselves first. Everyone wants to fulfill their dreams at any cost. But the only human who sacrifices all her dreams just for the sake of her loved ones is a MOTHER. She burns herself in fire to serve her family to provide them with love and care. What I’ve learnt from my mother is that if someone has sacrificed her life just for you, respect her like a goddess because she deserves all the love and respect ever given to anyone.