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Vandana Kataria


My 5 Unbreakable Moral Values.


Hello Readers!

Today I would love to discuss a simple yet important topic with all of you and which is also very personal and attached to my life.

First of all, I want to discuss with you all an easy question that what do you think about why people consider moral values so complex, formal, and difficult to follow?

The biggest and most understandable reason for this question is that even today, instead of giving importance to human beings, people still matter human values. Whereas in reality, these moral values or human values come from a forever following vision and not with any kind of compulsion.

"Good Moral Values are mostly molded from a place where love, faith, and hope exist."

And in this article, I am going to discuss the same values which I have not learned from my surroundings, society, or any other incident, rather I have learned these from time to time and with a few years of experience that I have got from people and circumstances because according to me, this should be the actual definition of moral values and not the pressure from family and society.

So here are some of my personal moral values that I would never want to break and I would be very happy if you also get to learn something from them:


This value is really very important and profitable to make you a sensible and reliable human being. Every person irrespective of gender should know how to compromise with everything and everyone in any situation.


Pay respect to another person no matter their color, religion, or language. We should also respect their set of beliefs because we don't know what we are going to learn in the future and by whom.


I believe that words have more power than actions, it can make someone's day and can also disappoint someone for their whole life. Hence we must use them wisely and try not to harm anyone in any way because a man can still forgive but Karma never forgets.


Keeping the mind calm in every situation and focusing on the solution instead of focusing on the problem is also an art, and the person who understands that there is no solution to anything by taking stress is an artist of this art.


It may sound a little harsh and strange to adopt because trusting yourself more than anyone is kinda difficult. I agree. But it is also true that if you trust and believe in yourself, then it makes any challenge in the future look smaller because at that time you would get to know that you are the only one for yourself and no one else, I repeat no one else.

But my Dear Readers, remember one thing, that the values I have mentioned and explained above don't mean that only they should be considered and followed, rather than you can follow moral values more than that, it completely depends on you.

After all, "Moral Values, and a culture, and a religion maintaining these values are far better than bookish laws and regulations."


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