By- Ashwika Maria

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Ashwika Maria


My Beautiful Memories

I woke up from sleep,

Still with the reminiscence of

the dream- the most beautiful I keep.

My eyes are filled,

With joy and happiness.

To see them all again,

Atleast in my subconsciousness.

It's been a while since I met them ,

they are my friends- my classmates.

Their memories- those beautiful memories

are overwhelming my present state.

Those laughters without reason ,

chit chats , playing during classes, 

and School crushes.

They were the music that

came into my monotonous life.

They were my happiness

who took away my loneliness.

Never met anyone like them

before and never even after.

I live in those memories,

wishing each moment to get back

to those blessed days. 

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