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I feel BOOKSTAGRAMMING is Synonym for patience. Before getting into the question why I am calling BOOKSTAGRAMMING as a synonym for patience because English dictionaries definitely don't I want to tell you what BOOKSTAGRAMMING is all about.

BOOKSTAGRAMMING - is a term used to define those accounts which post specifically on books, more books and a lot more books ( hahah or what I call them #nerdypeeps).


I am pretty sure majority of the people or should i say 90% of people who are reading this article must not even be aware about what BOOKSTAGRAMING is because as compared to beauty, dance, fashion influencers etc. it's pretty underrated and unpopular and that's what makes it synonym to patience because being BOOKSTAGRAMMER means you are everyday telling yourself have patience soon you will get your genuine audience.


okay so one of the main aim of my life was to finish as many classics as possible. so when lockdown started I got very scared, what if I die what will I say to god that I haven't read half of the classics written on earth , what will I say to him when he will ask me what I have done in last 21 years on earth, okay jokes apart. so I started ordering books one, two than a lot and now it's uncountable. every time I use to open a book parcel I used to remember those sarojni nagar hauls i have binge watched and used to think why can't i do same with books and decided to start a page, now that page is called PAPERBACK_ROMANCE and started posting book reviews, book unboxing videos, book reels etc. for days while waking up I used to think only about my page and how to create unique content which my audience will love.

I am about to complete 3 MONTHS on BOOKSTAGRAM with around 1200 followers and in my wildest dream also I had never thought I will get this many followers. in this three month journey I have got lot's of shocks and learned a lot so through this blog i am sharing both with you .


just like you guys I had never have heard about the concept of BOOKSTAGRAMMING so when I came to BOOKSTAGRAM I was shocked to see so many BOOKSTAGRAM accounts were already there than I realized I am not doing anything different.

HOW I TURNED THIS SHOCK TO MY ADVANTAGE - I realized it very fast that if you want to be proud of what you are doing than you have to think out of box and use all your creative energy so I decided to come up with something new

1 BOOK NERD SPOTTING INTERVIEW - there was this BOOKSTAGRAMMER I used to follow and absolutely love and everyday I used to be more and more curious to know more about her bookish interests and than I thought how many other people must be feeling same. so i decided to start an interview series called #booknerdspotting where i interview BOOKSTAGRAMMERS and I got a nice response and the best part is reading the answers I get, it feels like a whole new window is opening up.

2 BOOK UNBOXING VIDEOS - my SAROJNI NAGAR HAUL video obsession had a role in this, the joy of receiving a book mail and than opening it and seeing the book coming out is another level happiness and I wanted to share it with everyone around me and i decided to make videos after a period of time when packages were coming one after another unboxing did became more like a chore but i hope to order rationally now and then enjoy filming those videos.

3 NERDY EMAIL WRITING - I was once talking to a friend and realized how much thought we have bottled up inside us, how much we want people to listen to us, how many topics we want to speak about and ends up keeping everything bottled up so i decided to start a nerdy email writing where a theme is chosen and you write everything you ever wanted to say and these emails are than sent to strangers and you receive emails from strangers and the best part is you remain anonymous, yes no details like NAME, EMAIL are revealed and i deliver emails through my email id . these emails help you learn more about people around you .

4 BOOK HAUL VIDEO - the first book haul video I made was showing the Hindi literature books I bought from a local bookstore and I was so nervous while shooting that video but with every other video I got better, only to realize that I love being in front of camera. just give me books, camera and I can speak for hours without any script as if I was made to do this. the only hope I have is to improve the quality of my video and create a nice background for my videos.

5 BOOK BOX EXCHANGE - so the only nerdy or bookish thing I have binge watched on YouTube are book boxes and I love them and we all know how costly they are so i decided to start our own book box exchange. so right now first book box exchange is taking place - budget is 500 RS and deadline is valentines day so that we all have bookish valentine for that day. i was so happy to see how these boxes will have everyone's personal touch, an element of surprise and how everyone is besting themselves to make sure their book box exchange partner receives the best book box.

2 follow, unfollow game - initially I used to be so tensed that despite working so hard on creating quality content i have such a small reach , after that looked at other bookstagrammers account and realised how they also had very less reach after that i wondered why do these people love being here despite their hardwork getting no appreciation and answer is in the love people in BOOKSTAGRAMING community give each other. the kind of support i have got from these strangers i have never got even from those people who know me from childhood.

HOW I TURNED THIS SHOCK TO MY ADVANTAGE- I stopped looking at people around me as somebody who are my followers and with whom I had to play follow, unfollow game instead I started looking at them as someone who are part of an amazing community and I wanted to be part of this community. I never looked at fellow BOOKSTAGRAMMERS as my competition but as someone I have to support and who will support me and to support them every night before sleeping I search for 5 BOOKSTAGRAMMING account and like their at least 10 posts and follow them if I like their content without carimg about the fact they will follow me back or not.

Final words

more than shocks I had pleasant experiences I was shocked to see how loving and helpful people in bookstagramming community are and I have made some really amazing friends here and by gods grace I hope I can always cherish these people and never take them for granted.

the best part of being here is you are always buying new books and making new friends.

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