By- Versha Vaishnav
I need someone in my dark to light up my life n there I got my diary🌸🌸

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Versha Vaishnav


My Companion : Moonlight


Whenever I was afraid of darkness , I would just sit in the moonlight

Okay! Maybe my mind speak thousand things to you , but I spent the whole night in the moonlight

You were far away , so I talk to you through moonlight

Whenever I miss you , I just praise you in front of moonlight

You are now considered as companion than a bosom buddy , moonlight

Whenever I had to stash the tears I would just complain about the people to you , moonlight

Whenever I looked the sad you would get darker that time, moonlight

I was passionate for dreams so you taught me to fly high in the sky, moonlight

All day long I cool one's heels for it to be night because I had to talk with you , moonlight

My uphill life have become easy with you , moonlight

I have shared all my bitter sufferings with you , moonlight

All my dreams are gone so I started to find my exhilaration in you , moonlight

I decided to know myself being with you for life span , moonlight

Everyone is talking about big things of love but I loved you for real , moonlight

Can you be my side forever shining my life with your light , moonlight

You stood with me in my dark time to light it up , moonlight

I vow to be with you and you will be my light , moonlight

You says I am beautiful but the one that's truly beautiful is you , moonlight

Even in the daylight ,even in your whereabouts , I only miss you , moonlight

I have known myself by being in the deep affection with you , moonlight

Nothing is needed anymore apart from you , moonlight

In your darker time, I dance for you ,sing for you only for you , moonlight

So I decided to be in love with you eternally , moonlight

~My Moonlight🌙

Thank you 💕

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