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Shifa Ansari


My DREAM job!


LAWYER among many different professions I was always excited about being a lawyer. I can't explain why it intrigued me. I like watching films about mysterious things which have to be solved. For me the persecutor's job is the best. Prosecutors collect evidence against perpetrators. In their work, they have got a lot of duties such as : They arrive at the place of crime they examine earwitnesses, eyewitnesses and suspect people. They cooperate with police in the case of crime and they take investigation to prepare a bill of indictment. Finally they must prove fault of offenders it seems to be hard work, don't you think so? Although there are lots of difficult duties, it's very interesting. You never know what the next day may bring in this job. Maybe it is the reason why I am interested in it. There is no monotony and boredom but there is a very big responsibility of human's fates. What if prosecutor indicates an innocent person? To avoid such situations, prosecutors must be very committed to their work. All time they have to know more and more about the case, because like Francis Bacor said :

''Knowledge is nothing to else than a picture of true'' according to this sentence, prosecutors must solve all mysteries and intellectualize every possibility which can influence the final effect of the case. I hope that I have enough determination in myself and I won't give up although those occupations include plenty of duties and responsibilities lawyers will encounter on daily basis. Being able to be relatable, polite and respectful and interesting some skills to consider.

If this is a skill lacking in lawyer, it can lead to some nasty situation with clients seeking retribution for their perceived mistreatment. Regardless of how good a lawyer may be at formulating arguments and winning cases, maintaining a good relationship develops a deeper sense of professionalism.

Time Management Skills:

Lawyers have a heavy workload and can experience demanding deadlines at short notice. Having the right time management and organizational skills allows for a lawyers work to be perform more effortlessly and efficiently.

Time Management is the core of lawyers work ethics. Lawyers who prioritize their work and stay ahead of their tasks can lead to more time to enjoy extracurricular or taking up more cases.

Research Skills:

Lawyers will spend a lot of time digging around in archives and reading up old cases. Research skills include the ability to reach large amount of information in short time, understanding facts, figures and charts, and analyzing matter in a way that can be used later are vital features of lawyer.

Research Skills should be honed early in a lawyer's career

To do so, make a habit of summarizing a few important

points from large documents and articles. This is extremely advantageous when caseload increase which require more background details, legal document drafting, and prepare advice for clients.

Detail oriented:

All lawyers have an eye of details. Accuracy and precision is needed to become a successful lawyer. If a lawyer makes a mistake on a single word it can change the meaning of entire contract or a clause. Lawyers must ensure all their communications, such as email, letters, lawyer websites and legal documents are always perfect while giving them to the client.

Small mistakes can lead a bad impression on a client and a bad experience for a lawyer. The worst case scenario would be a lawyer getting sued for malpractice for mistakes that could have been avoided.


The fundamental part of a lawyers job is to win cases for their clients or to protect their clients interests. Being creative is skill needed by successful lawyers because it allows for flexibility and a wide range of possible solutions when working on a case.

Lawyers have to be both logical and analytical. However they should not ignore their creativity. Having that creative edge allows for a lawyer to outmaneuver any situation, on and out of the courtroom.


Although creativity is important, a lawyer also requires strong judgement at the core of their practice. Lawyers need the ability to logically and reasonally draw conclusion based on the limited amount of information they receive.

Throughout a court hearing, lawyers must be aware of the arguments their opponents are making which finding weakness and flaws in logic through the hearings.

Stress Management:

Lawyers spend a great amount of time listening to clients and trying to solve their problems. Their are some clients who often experienced an extreme incident which creates a difficult and stressful situation for themselves and the lawyer. Mentioned earlier was the importance of having both people and communication skills. It is during those high-stress situation that these skills are needed to help handle a client's stress.

In fact, these same skills are critical of lawyer's themselves. Lawyers will occasionally take on the stresses of their clients. Having the ability to manage stress, both in clients and within themselves, is a valuable skill to maintain a long-lasting career as a lawyer.

Lawyers in protecting the rights of their clients and in promoting the causes of injustice, shall week to upload human rights and fundamental freedom recognized by national and international law and shall at all times act freely and diligently in accordance with the law and recognized standards and ethics of the legal.

I don't know whether I'll be able to fulfill my dream but as said it is good to DREAM

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