By- Raghav Bharti
I write what I can’t say and I don't say most of the things.

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Raghav Bharti


My Last Letter


I blew my candles with twenty shimmering lights, still it felt so dark because I couldn’t see your sparkling eyes.

I waited for your birthday wish on that despairing June night, but you became like the cold December and recondite.

I yearned you in secret despite my past fears, but you were so ambivalent, your reasons were unclear.

I kept you inside an invisible locket so no one could know, your love was all I wanted.

I collected your voice with echoes in my mind, your lips whispering my name on rewind.

I remember the time you looked in my eyes, and accolade the orange rays reflecting through my eyes.

I took you on a getaway, that long summer drive, you pretended to love me, but, he was on your mind.

I held your hands through your darkest of crimes, but the brightness of fuchsia blinded my eyes.

I warned you not to water his garden,you got the cuts on your finger from thorns,still I had my arms wide open for you.

I tried to forget you but couldn’t get you out of my mind and passenger seat of my car still thinks you’re mine.

I built a town with memories full of us, but you left for another town without the address. 

I drank your guilt like red wine, fought with world and believed you’re mine, but without me, you seemed just fine.

I kissed you goodbye for the very last time with a smile on my face but I was dead inside.

I took a look at your face for the very last time hoping we could get a chance one more time.

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