By- Versha Vaishnav
I need someone in my dark to light up my life n there I got my diary🌸🌸

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Versha Vaishnav


My Parents Arranged My Marriage With My Crush

Didn't even think in dreams that this would happen. Fortunately, it's happening. Came to know what I am talking about. My wedding with my crush has been fixed, my parents arranged it. For a moment, I was like Am I daydreaming or what. How could this happen?

Let's talk about the day when I got this news.

I was busy with doing my work. My sister came to me with a big smile on her face, I asked her what happened. She told me that my wedding has been fixed. My reaction was nothing but asked her who's the guy. When she names that your marriage is fixed with your crush. For a while, the ground slipped under my feet. But I thought she would be teasing me. So I didn't seemed to be paying any attention to what she was saying. Then I started doing my work as I was already busy with. But when my mom called me for the same. Then we talked a little bit regarding same. But when that guy named Umang. I thought I heard it wrong. So I asked mom what did you say. Mom said your classmate whom you passed your high school with. I was confused and asked her to tell me clearly. She took the name and said Umang. I was wondering what happened. Did my sister exposed me? Or what?

How they came to know this?

And they told me it gonna be an arrange marriage. They asked me if I had any objection for this. I was in hallucinations and mom spoke loudly tell us. I said no I don't have any. I was happy as well as surprised. I had no words to express how happy I was that day. Did God listen to me? Oh thank you God for this. I was told that tomorrow they are coming to meet, so be well prepared. I said hmm okay. Then I came back to my room and closed doors. I pinched myself ouch!. It's really happening. I wanted to dance, sing what else.

I could not wait when tomorrow would come and when I would meet him. I wasn't able to sleep overnight and spend my whole night dreaming all about what we would be doing after marriage.

Then morning I woke up and I showed the family as if I was not so excited for this marriage. But deep down I was dancing, singing. As my parents told me to be well prepared, so I did all. I wore his favourite colour dress and I asked my mom to prepare his favourite lunch not by saying that he like those dishes but said on my own. I was ready before the arrival. I was asking everybody if how I was looking that day. Then they said very beautiful. Then there was no place for my happiness.

When my sisters said they have arrived, I was like, Oh My God, finally the moment has come. I was so nervous then thinking how I would face him and so many thoughts crossed my mind. I was busy in admiring my life with him but then my sister punched me and said go mom was calling you. You could dream all those things after on also.

I was really nervous, thinking he would be sitting with his parents, what I would ask them, how I gonna greet them and so much more. Then I heard mom's voice saying Varsha come fast. I stood up and checked myself in mirror for a second and then went outside, holding the plates in hands. My mom whispered go and greet them. I served them with what my mom cooked. I sat on sofa after. I was pointing to him that see I have wore your favourite colour dress. And he also pointed that he was in formal dress( my favourite). I wanted to laugh but somehow I controlled myself. Our parents talked about all those things and then asked us to talk to each other in private space. So we went in a garden. I was like what to ask him about and I found him laughing. I asked what happened why are you laughing so loud. Then he said how was my surprise. What? He said I wanted to give you a surprise, so I planned this with the help of my parents as well as yours, we decided to not to tell you about this. And I was really so surprised and I said I thought it was predestined by God but you guys. And my family was also laughing at me. I was confused then, like what to say and how to react. But all above I was so happy

At the end, our marriage got fixed. Our family and us were both happy and lived happily ever after.

This was my story.

Thank you 🦋

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