By- Sowmya Gogineni
Newbie but a quick learner!

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Sowmya Gogineni


My Soul..


Why do they say I should search for you externally?

When I know that, you are right here, inside me.

I had to take all the tears and hate.

Just so you could get your mate, a soul-mate.

Why did she leave me and didn't stay till the end?

If she was my only soul-friend?

You are so weightless, formless, and pure,

Then how do you carry the weight of all sins? I am not sure!

They say that I should not worry,

You are the permanent one while I am temporary.

If I wither, I will be forever free, 

But you will never be able to fade or flee.

I know you will find somebody else if I cease to exist,

What will happen to my memories? Will they also be gone like a mist?

Whoever or wherever you are, whatever is your role,

Dear O Dear, my dear soul, 

Remember that you have been my only constant and my only sole.

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