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Myriad and Rainbow Hued Culture of India


The diverse and united culture of India, spread across the length and breadth of the country

has inspired and been an ideal to several nations. Thousands of distinct and unique cultures

amalgamate beautifully to make this nation legendary in itself. Being a birthplace to several

religions, it succeeds to bind its residents by teaching the importance of every religion and its

pious practices.

According to facts, Indian culture dates back to 4500 years and still manages to keep its

essence alive, perhaps the most renowned culture of all times. Here is what makes India unique and seen as a symbol of rich culture, rainbow-hued indeed, incredible!

Greetings –

Greeting one another by joining hands with respect of the elderly, in the form of 'namaste'

has played a key role in exhibiting respect and love towards the elders. Along with this, the

younger person also greets by leaning forward and touching the feet of the elderly as a mark

of seeking blessings.

This culture of India has been alive for many years and even in the present day, continues to

be followed by most of the Indian households. Apart from the greetings in Hindi language,

people belonging to different states of the nation have their unique style of greeting which

shows the unity in diversity gracefully.

Food –

The mere thought of this topic gives an instant lip-smacking effect!


. Food forms an integral

part for the Indians and there lies every meaning to the spices and herbs they use, varying

from healthy to tasty.

Different forms of cooking starting right from Jammu & Kashmir to the tip of Kanyakumari,

every state is known for its signature dish. The Rajasthani thali, comprising of flavours

(mostly spicy, a lot of red chillies are used), Gujrati faafda and jalebi and all kinds of snacks,

Bengali fish preparation techniques, famous South Indian rasam, Puran Poli of Maharashtra,

to name a few.

Varied flavours of the country make it renowned all over the world for its traditional as well

modern style of cooking, making Indian cuisines as one of the finest.

Marriage and rituals –

The Indian culture believes strongly in the concept of arranged marriage as an age-old

practice. Modern India surely accepts love marriage, but the sense of arranged marriage

seems to be the idea prevalent among the elders.

Most importantly, marriage is seen as a pious and pure form of bond and there is no denial,

unlike the other nations, relationships are valued in terms of morals and values instead of

ending a marriage on divorce.

Indian Dance and Music –

Different forms of dances find origin from different parts of the country. They are the best

way to know the diverse culture of India, as it represents traditions and practices much


Different dance forms like: -

Bharatnatyam from Tamil Nadu.

Kathak from Uttar Pradesh.

Kathakali from Kerala.

Kuchipudi from Andhra Pradesh.

Sattriya from Assam, etc.

Carnatic music and Hindustani music are classical forms of music, while other forms

like Punjabi music, Indie pop and folk music seem to develop over the years.

Family culture –

Indians are taught the importance of living in a joint family and this culture seems to exist

since ages. This cohesive nature of Indian society helps to handle stress and negativity as

your family has got your back.

This is where we start from home and take forward the notion of unity to a larger extent of

the nation. Not only is it limited to their members but is surely followed for any individual who

visits an Indian house. The concept of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava', it means the guest is equivalent to God!

Festivals and joyous times –

Festivals have been a way to connect with God and celebrate it in the presence of loved

ones. India celebrates Eid, Holi, Diwali, Christmas and other festivals which mark the

beginning of a season.

This rich and diverse culture of India unites Indians from all directions to rejoice in the living.

National festivals are given utmost importance to mark the importance of the Independent India!

People get dressed up, prepare tasty meals and invite guests to make a gala celebration.

Indians are indeed ‘Dilwale’ who find happiness in little things!

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