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Urvi Shah


Nature's Narrative- Marvellous Moon



I love gazing at the sky (I know it’s a strange hobby!). The various creations of nature using its own color palette, the drawings through the clouds are just worth watching. Whether its sunset or sunrise, dawn or dust the nature never fails to surprise me with its creativity. Here’s a story nature presented me- One evening the nature was narrating a story, stars and I joined as audience.  Moon and clouds were the part of cast. I wasn’t able to see the moon because the clouds covered him entirely, he wasn’t able to shine just his presence was noticed. One could watch the clouds resizing into bullies and mocking the Moon for his flaws. Moon was frightened, he feared, he was undergoing a drastic change.  From smiling to crying, from being cheerful to dreadful, he changed. Earlier he was with family but happy because no one judged him, he was happy being himself. But now as the real world started unleashing itself, he couldn’t handle people judging and mocking him. He couldn’t be him now, he feared, lost his confidence and self esteem, he was afraid of others now. He started hating himself, as he didn’t fit in others criterion. He felt indifferent and strange. Though he wasn’t, others made him believe by saying the same thing and he too started accepting it. He changed a lot, cursing and blaming himself for the characteristics because of which he was mocked. He rejected his true self and in order to please others and stop being mocked by others he started living and doing things which others liked and filled their criterion. He destroyed his life, forgot his goal and ambitions, couldn’t be true self, he was afraid of judge-mental eyes, he was wondered if being true was a punishable offense as he was facing the consequences of being himself. He felt out of the world, he felt like he was unfit for the world, he started replying back but no effect others motivation to mock him increased, all made fun of him. He ran away to his family, finding a person who could help him to tolerate the mocking and live in the world peacefully. The story was very intriguing now as I could feel how the Moon must be feeling, stars too showed their empathy shining dimly. But, it was time for the interval; the story would be continued the next day.  I was in deep thought, what would the Moon do? What would be his life now? Why are these criterion set up? Will Moon find the person who can unlock the non judge-mental world? ……. 100s of unending questions. I eagerly waited for the next day and for the show to continue, the scenario just surprised me - the Moon today, was no longer sad but confident and happy now. Happy and great, he shone brightly and all the clouds who mocked him left. They went away pondering over rise of MOON.   I wondered how this change came about, the climax was soon portrayed and I came to know the secret behind such a great change. The secret was, he found the person who gave him the solution and the 2 two words given by the person changed everything. The person was none other than the Moon himself. When he went away that day, he sobbed the whole day and bumped into a mirror, he found the solution to all his problems. He self-reflected and evaluated himself and learnt two words which changed his life- BE YOU. He learnt that he should accept himself as he was and be his true self, no matter what others believed or said. He accepted his flaws without thinking about others as he now knew others would continue judging and mocking him no matter what he did. So, he started being his true self not seeking validation of others but himself, he pledged - he will make decisions according to himself not others. He was proud to be himself now, because he knew no one is as unique as him. He knew he was not strange but unique in this world. He decided to not take anything personally and the others’ opinion about him didn’t bother him. He now knew that the people viewed himself through their different perspective, their perspective about him was not about him but explaining their attitude and views.  He understood his problems and solved them accepted them and left worrying. He now loved himself, he accepted his life, and he didn’t care about others. Then came the twist, the clouds formed a group and came back but this time they were not successful in covering and restricting the Moon through their words but this time Moon shone soo brightly that clouds were behind him unnoticeable now. This end message by Moon is – “The thing is we try to find someone outside to motivate us to tell us where we are wrong but it’s we are the one who is greatest motivator no one can make any change in our lives except us- we have the power. We need to start accepting ourselves and grow at the same time. Accepting flaws doesn’t mean stop growing, we need to accept our true self, respect ourselves- this will make us truly beautiful. You are great as you are. It’s great to be real than being perfect. Use your rule book your dictionary, not others to understand any of your actions.”  The audience- stars and I bowed to moon for his excellent and daring deed. Stars started shining brightly and we saluted the Moon for the wonderful act.  Be like MOON and be yourself!!!!

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