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Riya bhati





I have grown up listening to my parents and my friend's parents telling their children's how they have sacrificed all their comforts for their future and every time their children are making a choice in their life.  

Parents pressure is reflected in all the life choices of children's from choosing their career, life partner, friend circle, kind of upbringing etc. 

I feel despite no matter what you do in your life, what career you choose in your life it’s important to have something which you love and no one else can affect it.  

My mother has been asking me a lot nowadays to start applying for jobs as finding jobs now a days is not easy Sometimes; I sit down and think if I will be happy doing those jobs and not becoming an archaeologist and the Ans is yes,  


Out of all the subject in 12 I had best score in history and I decided to pursue it in graduation, I secured admission in MIRANDA HOUSE one of the best colleges of India, with best faculty but I hated those three years I had spent in history classroom.  

 The only memory of college I recall fondly is sitting in the dark corner of library and reading chicken soup for hours than I thought what is the guarantee that I will for sure love archaeology after that I thought what are those things which makes me happy. 

After thinking a lot, I realized the things which I love most in my life are doing yoga, reading books and being surrounded by nature and animals and as long as I have these things in my life I will be fine.  

I think it’s important to have something in life which defines you, which belongs to you and no one else can take It away from you. It can be something you love to do or something you are passionate about. 

I want to say same thing to parents, we all know they dedicate their whole life to their children's but along with that it’s important for parents also to have a life where they are doing what they love. They are drawing, singing, painting, dancing or pursuing some other hobby.  

Summing up - while summing up this article I would like to say a man should always have something to love in life, something which bring joy and meaning in life. 


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