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Urvi Shah


Never stop Learning and Struggling because life never stops Teaching and Testing........

Never stop being a learner and struggler

“Life never stops teaching, so never stop learning.”

We all have heard this thought but we never actually implement it in our life. Let’s dig a little deeper to found the reason why. First a fall we have been learning wrong definition of learning.  What do you mean by learning? Learning is often mixed up with schooling. We think we learn till the time we are in school/colleges. But learning means gaining knowledge and knowledge is present everywhere around us so, the conclusion is we can learn everyday at anytime with a will to extract lesson from even a small thing. Learning from past experience and failures is very important for a balanced life and positive attitude. Failures teach us many things and according to me failures are the best teachers. But we must focus on lessons in order to gain knowledge from failures. Failures help us know where we are wrong, where we can improve along with giving us un-measurable wisdom. Failures not break us if we keep learning from them.

 As it is said failures make us what we are today. Failures and past experience can help in learning if we wish to learn but if we just focus on cursing people for our failure, then learning seems a far idea. Learning helps us to grow every day. We all prefer latest and best versions of cell- phones, television and other equipment, so why are we bearing with our old versions? Let’s grow, let’s develop and find our best versions every day. One must learn from everything, for example- What can we learn from bicycle? To always keep moving ahead towards our goal no matter what happens. From Dosa – We need to pass through ‘heat’ i.e. failures and obstacles to be grow and unleash our true self.. There are in-numerable examples available around you just scan through your room with aim of learning something, you will definitely find something very interesting to learn. Learning makes us happier, though it might be tough but the sense of accomplishment we feel after completing our goal vanishes the pain and frustration and give birth to happiness. Learning even helps us in our studies and work. A person who keeps upgrading himself or a person who is same since he completed his studies- which one will you prefer? Let’s make learning part of our daily routine.

 Learning might seem difficult in beginning but as we probe more and more, it finally helps to unleash our true self.

It is often said success can’t be attained without struggle and I think it’s 200% true. Without struggles we can’t be prepared for success. I would like to illustrate this using a small story- Two people wrote a book which was compilation of stories, it was rejected by not 1, not 5, but 33 publishers for printing the book. But they continued their effort and 34th publisher finally published their book- approximately 100 million copies of this book were sold. The book is none another than – Chicken soup for the soul, and this was the story was Jack Manfield and Mark Victor Hansen the authors of this book.

 What would have happened if they haven’t continued to struggle, they would have lose hope and left the book unpublished after so many rejections- the world would have missed the spectacular book. The thing is without struggle we can’t develop, we can’t become mentally strong, we can’t be develop. To grow must be the aim of our life, no one likes monotonous life , but most are leading one by not learning and breaking down at time of failures. Change is inevitable and growth along with change is unstoppable.

One must be always ready to face new obstacles and accept new challenges, instead of being fearful we must feel confident and happy when we face new challenge because we know it will help us grow. This kind of attitude we can develop if we are lifelong learners.

Along with all these learning and struggles help us to generate new ideas and build our creativity. Struggles are great because they help us to discover our true self. As we all know when coal faces extreme heat and temperature it gets converted to diamond. In similar way we also require extreme conditions to explore our true potential. Next time whenever you face an obstacle or failure just consider themselves as conditions which helps you to shine as diamond. Our perspective towards struggle is often limited by our mindset. As every coin as two sides, struggle also has two sides but we mostly focus on negative and fail to recognize the great lesson struggle has brought with it. At last, I would like to end by the proverb- “No pain, no gain.” Let’s make it our belief and get awesome success waiting for us ahead. Let’s keep our learner’s cap ready everyday and succeed!!!

“We learn from failure and not success.”

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