By- Urvi Shah
A Bibliophile. Currently on self improvement journey. " Believe. Become."

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Urvi Shah


Notable Nature


To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles,

I was the one witnessing them among the vehicles.


Nature offered me opportunity to release my mind’s complexity,

I was astonished by it’s simplicity.


I found a  tower of strength in nature,

It didn’t feel like a stranger.


Listening to me without interruptions,

And presumptions.


Without being judgemental,

It gave solutions, being gentle .


Motivating me and bringing a smile on my face with wonders,

And not mocking me because of my blunders.


The small plants and flowers tried hard to vanish off negativity,

The beautiful sky filled my  mind with positivity and creativity.


The silent conversation  nature offers,

Without even charging dollars.


Erasing confusion from mind,

Leaving the stress behind.


 Helping to discover the true self,

And bringing me closer to myself.


It provides a way to evaluate our faults,

By helping us refine our thoughts.


It shows the ray of hope ,

Building strength for problems, to cope.


After a storm when feathered friend starts rebuilding its nest ,

It tells us to never lose hope and give our best.


It shows me I can reach great heights,

When the stars shines.


It tells me to start no matter what,

As the birdie starts flying without a second thought .


It made me accept my flaws and still shine,

Like a moon with craters shines.


It taught me to bloom,

Even if others gloom.


It tells me to ignore cloud of negativity

 and confusion added by others,

As interrupting my teaching lesson

 the smoke clouds hover.


It taught me to rise and shine like a star,

No matter what others want.


 I collected this bag of wisdom,

From the  nature’s kingdom.


It’s available everywhere on the map

Waiting from whom to grab?


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