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Riya bhati



This article is specifically dedicated to all the book nerds out there. we have insatiable book buying hunger so we keep on buying book one after another and lose track of what we bought, what we actually read and where we stored those books.

I bought around 54 books in 2020 and around 14 - 15 books this month and I had no idea what all books I have read so I decided to come up with something. I decided to add two columns to my journal these two columns were BOOKS I BOUGHT THIS MONTH AND BOOKS I READ THIS MONTH.

I started noting all the books I bought this month and now I know all the books I own and in case I lend them to someone or I lose them I have some records to confirm that I did owned them once along with that in long term it will be easier for me to remember which books i already have so i can avoid buying them again.

Talking about all the books I have read section we are a technology addict generation, isn't it fun for once to sit down and write in a notebook with a pen what you read, what you thought about it, what characters you loved, did you loved the book or not an then reserve that journal for time immemorial.

I feel there should be a separate journals made for people who that they can easily keep a tab of their bookish journey because we just don't read to pass time but every book we read has a message for us. for days we roam around in book hangover and once that hangover is over and we are ready to leave old book behind and pick up a new one we have so much too say and I think writing can always make what we wanted to say easy.

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