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Jasleen Kaur


Obligations- Really?

Reality Check

You might not need me to tell you the exact definition of an Obligation. Well, to keep things simple I'll say it- 'an obligation is something you must do or are expected to do' writes the Cambridge English Dictionary. Yes, you heard it right you ought to do certain things because you are under an obligation to do so.

Ask yourself today, in fact, right away- are YOU under an obligation?

Some of us might have an answer to this while others might not. No, I will not ask you to dive into the realm of introspection because ironically, you are not obliged. Did you know that all of us are bound to do anything and everything in the name of an obligation? I know it sounds unbelievable, but whilst reading this some of us might even be shrugging our shoulders, implying- Nah! I don't do this and never will.

Now, think about the time when you took your best friend to distribute sweets on your birthday around the school, when you gave your fellow classmate a pencil or your work because you had once borrowed his, when you once socialized with an acquaintance at a get-together, when you let a stranger pass by, ...

If only all of the above said didn't identify with the word- Obligation.

Moral obligations associate themselves with the most humane form of living. We ought to perform these duties as these are prescribed naturally to us but cannot be enforced, legally or illegally. Charity is one form of such, no one owes to be a charitable person while he or she breathes. Many faiths encourage individuals to do charity as it further enhances the definition of Helping in a profound manner. Dasvandh or Dasaundh, literally means a 'tenth part' and refers to the practice among Sikhs of contributing in the name of the Guru. This is a Sikh's religious obligation. Does that imply obligations can't be all bad after all? Yes, it most certainly does, but it is equally imperative to point out the right to choose, the right to oblige or to be obliged.

The opposite of Obligation is- Freedom. We might define ourselves as free beings but, are we really? There will always be something that we owe to this world as we are living. And, it doesn't end there when you complete your fair share of breaths you shall oblige others by turning into ashes or being buried into order to oblige the prophecy of reincarnation. Also, one can always choose to be an organ donor.

At last, LIVING LIFE is also an Obligation.

P.S. You reading this article was also an obligation.

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