By- Ashwika Maria

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Ashwika Maria


Ode to my future self


Ten years later,

You won't be the same...

You look physically like me.

But mentally, you will never be me.

You have gone through bitter experiences.

Met new people- toxic and self oriented.

You have more responsibilities than me.

You are struggling to cope up with them.

You feel lonely, gone through

breakdowns, break-ups and betrayals.

You wander in darkness

searching for yourself.


You think of me -

Your good old past.

Wishing to come back to me.

Come to me, I know you.

You are strong.

Stronger than me, ofcourse !

Don't go behind others.

First, love yourself.

Care and live for YOU.

You will find the whole world against you.

They will try to make you fail.

But I will be with you.

Supporting, praying and loving you.

One day…

You will see everything come back to you.

Your happiness, love and life.

You WILL be successful !!

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