By- Urvi Shah
A Bibliophile. Currently on self improvement journey. " Believe. Become."

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Urvi Shah




A symbol of beauty,

Completing all duties.

A fearless and powerful person,

Creating a new vision.

Facing the crisis,

Still stronger she arises.

Dealing with patriarchy,

Changing the age old hierarchy.

Breaking  the domestic prison,

and fighting the racism.

Being objectified,

isn’t it worse than a genocide?

Facing the biasness,

in the world of darkness.

A victim of violence,

protesting in silence.

Not getting equal pay,

and even rest on Sunday.

Taking care of the family,

without any agony.

Forgetting their dreams,

because of the society’s regime.

Facing the social stigma,

which is still an enigma.

Breaking the clutches of dominance,

Which was testing their patience.

A single soul,

performing all roles.

Being judged for color and size;

Not getting depressed, she tries.

A big salute to all women from heart

Wishing a happy women’s day to all!!




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