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Organize Your Daily Tasks - Bullet Journal Tips


Being quarantined means that all work has to be done from home and from within the four walls. Though it initially seemed like a easy task to do, we all who work from home know exactly how the pressure got more when your workplace and home fused into one humongous task. Juggling between boiling pots and a conference call on Zoom? Here are a few tips you can organize your day by using a Bullet Journal.

What is a Bullet Journal?

Bullet Journal is precisely a notebook that you can use to list out and plan everyday. But the speciality of this book is that you can create your own planner spread. You might just be wondering how does that reduce your work? Well, maintaining a Bullet Journal is therapeutic. It helps you to get your head cleared and plan out your work wisely.

How to get started with a Bullet Journal?

  1. All you need to begin with a Bullet Journal is a simple notebook and a pen. Going over to the internet to look at inspiration might sometimes overwhelm you because most people who use a lot of additional supplies to decorate their Bullet Journal.
  2. You just need one good pen that you love to write with. If you are interested to use coloured pens and sketches you are most welcomed. But just with a pen, you are set as a beginner to have a journal and get going with your planning.
  3. Take out your notebook and just make a column for the dates for a particular month and a column to put your list of things to do. This is the basic template of how any planner or bullet journal works. You make sure you make a list before you start your day or put down the work you did at the end of the day. And this will help you to manage your productivity.

You are all set now! Putting down the things you have to do helps you from forgetting them and gives a clarity on what you want to prioritize first. This was you can get your things done more efficiently and quickly. yes, for the first few days maintaining a journal itself is going to be a task but soon you will fall into the rhythm and you will find yourself enjoying the feeling it gives and you will definitely love it.

Note: To reduce too much of effort if you are a super busy person, you can get a planner from a lot of shops online. They sell planners with the dates and slots allotted you just have to fill it up.

Hope this article helped you. You can innovate your ideas and let me know about how it worked in the comments below. Thank you for reading.

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