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Permanent satisfaction vs Temporary happiness.


As we all know from the famous saying that , “Temporary happiness isn’t worth long term pain”, “Don't ignore the truth for temporary happiness”. To some extent we all don't actually follow this, we mostly rely on temporary happiness and don't watch out for permanent satisfaction. 

There's a difference between happiness and satisfaction, you might be happy for a longer time but it may not guarantee you ultimate satisfaction.


What is temporary happiness?

Happiness which comes to us for a short period of time and depends upon some limited factors is called temporary happiness. It can give you immense pleasure but in short run.

Happiness is as it is, there's nothing like permanent or temporary in it, there is nothing in this world that is permanent and so is Happiness.

Happiness is a choice, the reaction that you give to your problems. It is neither staying for short term nor long term and will rely on your reactions to your problems.

If you're happy then be it, but if this happiness doesn't bring you satisfaction in the long run, then it is termed as temporary happiness.

We all have heard that ”Happiness is a state of mind” which simply means happiness is not a material thing, it's an emotional state, it's something for which both our heart and brain plead for.

Where as satisfaction brings you relief, it is a state of comfort where all your desires have been met. You eventually find it in possessions and the enjoyment of things that bring you desire.

Take an example of purchasing a home. You’re initially happy with the purchase, but that level of satisfaction will diminish over time because of your upgraded needs. Even though you’re happy, you may no longer be satisfied with your home. 

Do you think this satisfaction is permanent? No, even satisfaction is not permanent, even if we’re satisfied we’ll still look for better things in life and not be grateful for the things we have for now. Gratefulness can also come from respecting what we have right now and admitting that you're satisfied with your life.

Being unsatisfied is not a bad thing because it keeps us going and keeps reminding us about our desires and what we want to achieve.

In the end, happiness is important along with satisfaction.

We can just say that, “Don't make a permanent decision for your temporary emotion”.

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