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"Picasso Art vs Mandala Art"

Hello everyone! In this article I am going to describe Picasso Art and Mandala Art. And also going to give my review over these two art forms. Which I liked the most.


'Pablo Picasso' is known for its 'Cubist' style of art. Cubism looks at the subject differently. For example, if you want to draw a table in traditional drawing style, you can see the top and four legs, but you will not be able to see the top and bottom of the table at the same time. When drawing a portrait, a cubist may draw the two eyes, but one is shown from the other side while the other is shown from the front.

Cubism was an attempt by Picasso and Braque to represent three dimentional objects on two planes by depicting multiple viewpoints simultaneously. He used unfolded geometric shapes and eliminated shadows or receding lines to further flatten the image. Cubism was a structural and compositional approach to forms and alternative head start point more than a study of expression or content.


A Mandala is a pictorial presentation of an idea or a thought, that makes complete sense in itself. Mandala art has been seen for more than 1000 years ago. These art vary from person to person, organisation to organisation. The meaning of Mandala is also very different for every person. Mandala art helps the individual by expanding his/her self-awareness.

When we are in a stressful situation where everything seems to confusion or disorder, this art helps to revive from that situation and helps to calm the mental state of the person which helps him/her to think in a positive and orderly manner. This art helps the individual to reach the stage of inner peace. Mandalas are complicated, geometric, precise, mathematically and symmetrically perfect figures, that can explain something that can be understood without too much effort.

Creating art and scriptures is an amazing hobby that helps us to evolve optimistic thoughts around us, an inner understanding of ourselves in self-love and showing kindness to others. I found the Mandala Art more interesting than the Picasso Art. Mandala Art form is a story about our mental, emotional and spiritual state of well-being. I love to draw Mandala Art because this art gives me some level of satisfaction of mind and give me much more happiness than I can get in drawing Picasso art.

So, my choice is Mandala Art. Everyone has different ways of living, talking, behaving, etc. etc...... So may be, anyone has Picasso Art in his/her favourite list. But I want to say a little thing that whatever you draw, whether from a dot to a painting, draw it with full dedication and with inner happiness, that may give you more satisfaction about your drawing :)

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