By- Harsh sharma
Unapologetically Imperfect

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Harsh sharma


Poetic Thoughts.


We often think 

sometimes at night,

What we shall do if 

We are out of sight.

I, personally find it funny

Whom am i visible now,

This world always

ignored my reflection

I perhaps don't know do they care ‘bout

My any action.

But if it happens

to me someday,

If no one sees me

Any how any way.

If i may,

I shall walk over walls,

Break shitty rules and

Would lurk over null streets.

I will spare time alone with 

My-true-self and will

Let my beholden tears to fall.

I might sound jejune 

But one more thing i will do,

I will sneak in my BFFs room

And find some things

I yet never knew.

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