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Vansh Mittal


Political cartoons as a modern art form.


Political Cartoons conveys the editors view on politics, politicians and current events, they represent the thoughts of the editor in the form of cartoon which are quite often self explanatory and interests a lot of people moreover they also attract the attention of the reader. Political Cartoons represent the right to express and freedom of speech, they are generally found in newspapers, magazines or in electronic forms.Their subject matter is usually that of current and newsworthy political issues, and, in order for them to be understood, they require that readers possess some basic background knowledge about their subject matter, ideally that provided by the medium in which they are published.

A political Cartoon is an artists way of describing a situation which may be done through satire or metaphorically. It may be possible that an artist may over exaggerate the circumstances through his cartoon which is why responsible editorial does not allow the artists to alter the facts.During the process of rendering opinions into such a visual form, many artistic decisions (regarding symbols, allegories, techniques, composition, and so forth) must be made. While doing so, the cartoonist must keep in mind whether the audience will be able to understand the editorial cartoon.

When successful, political cartoons can fulfill an important criticizing and controlling function in society.In addition, political cartoons can encourage the process of opinion formation and decision makingas well as provide entertaining perspectives on the news.A political cartoon commonly draws on two unrelated events and brings them together incongruously for humorous effect. The humour can reduce people's political anger and so serves a useful purpose. Such a cartoon also reflects real life and politics, where a deal is often done on unrelated proposals beyond public scrutiny.

Political Cartoons have come to an existential crisis, the newspaper readership is now declining day by day since people think of newspapers as obsolete and have now shifted to online reading. With less readership these editorials are getting less revenues and hence there is downsizing, newspapers are making more room for advertising and less rooms for cartoons because of which the future of cartoonists is in jeopardy. Moreover the political cartoons are replaced by the modern memes, people online enjoys seeing memes when they are on social websites like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Hence the Political Cartoons are facing an existential crisis.

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