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A very warm greetings to all my readers! 

I hope you all are good and safe.  

Guys, today I don’t have anything which can capture your attention just by the first look. But the thing which I want to discuss, happens with a majority of people. 

My elder sister wanted a government bank job but she was unable to get it. Rather, she got a job in India’s second largest private bank. Still, she wasn’t satisfied. I asked her that you got such a good job but still why so dissatisfied? She replied, “This is not my dream job and place to work!” 

So lately, I was wondering of how people end up dissatisfied even after achieving their much-needed goals, for which they say that they could’ve done better, and of course there is always a scope for improvement. 


Dreaming and aspiring for something is indeed a very delicate subject. In every era, we’ve came across some brilliant souls who set a benchmark of success and from there the race begins. New marks and definitions are set every minute globally, something out of the box is happening all the time. Even we all are so dedicated towards some or the other thing in our life, be it goals or love. And then the moment we are so hyped up to achieve our goals, put our heart and soul in the work and eventually things end up not going the planned way. Now, in this hypothetical situation, where we’ve worked so dead hard, experimented millions of ways to work it out, why does it end up not working out? Just the way minute manufacturing defects can sink the ship, our plans can also destroy from tiny execution errors. We don’t need to change the job, we’ve to change the execution plan. We’ve not to give in hours of hard work, we’ve to focus on smart work. And from here, this comes that we don’t have to do the things we like, we’ve to do what we don’t likeBasically, we’ve to get out of our comfort zones. You like street food? Quit it. You don’t like vegetables? Eat it more. You like binge watching? Quit it. You don’t like watching documentaries? Watch it. You like excessive sleeping? Quit it. You don’t like putting in efforts to become financially stable? Just start, do, and achieve it. 



Again, there goes this one rule in everything we do- Stop what you like, do what you hate. You like the comfort zone in which you’ve been living all this while? Destroy it. Everything is good in a limit, even comfort is not bad. But we’ve to know the thin line, which if breaks, could throw us into the inferno. 

Discussing the phrase- Comfort is your enemy, why is it even considered as one’s enemy when it's quite evident that humans chose to befriend comfort. It is completely our choice if we chose to hustle in comfort or not. We allow ourselves to enter the comfort zone for which we are solely responsible. We all have great causes or are figuring out one towards which we are working. We work hard, achieve goals and aspire to pass the legacy on to the future generations. The ultimate thing which we would all want is to smile, to watch our people and the entire work smile, for which we are working so hard, for which sacrifices and hate walks along-side.