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Procrastination: Types and Tricks to Get Started

In the last few weeks, the temperature has dropped and so has my will to get out of bed. The blanket feels like arms of an Angel, warm and soft. My will to get out of bed is negative. Staying in bed and scrolling through my phone jumping from one social media to other I know I am wasting my time. Every once in a while, I hear some noise coming from the kitchen. Fully aware that my mum is out of bed, cooking the meal for us. The laziness wins over guilt all the time. 


 This week had been the hardest. I had many tasks at hand. I was so overwhelmed with them, that I stayed in bed longer, promising to get out in 5 minutes. It's known that those 5 minutes were longer than an hour. 


 In a search for the solution to my problem, I created the list of ways to stop procrastinating. 


 If you're going to the list, you need to know the kind of procrastinator you are. That's right, there is more than one category that you can fit into. By figuring out the type of procrastinator you are, you can find the perfect solution for procrastination. 


  1. The perfectionist-procrastinator is a type who avoids doing the task in fear of not being able to to do it perfectly. If the tasks are not done perfectly it would be a waste of time. They keep researching and preparing for it instead of getting started. 
  2.  The crisis maker is a type of procrastinator that belief the only work under high-pressure condition. They keep delaying it to elevate the pressure. 
  3.  The builder procrastinator is someone who keeps building up the list of tasks in order to feel busy. If the list is small they don't feel motivated to get started. No matter how important each task, unless they have a long list of tasks they will not get on the horseback. 
  4.  The overwhelmed-procrastinator is exactly opposite of the builder procrastinator. They tend to get overwhelmed (as the name suggests) with the amount of task and cannot decide where to start. This type of person usually has a hard time prioritising and organising tasks. 
  5.  Lazy procrastinator is the most common type. They generally delay tasks until it is unavoidable. They also have a hard time organising tasks and time management. 


 Now you might have an idea which category you fall into. Some of us are a combination of more than one type. No matter what category you fall into, one thing is common among all procrastinators. Maybe right now you are reading this article instead of getting started on that assignment that is pending. Here are a few tips to get started on work and put a full stop on procrastination: 


  •  Prepare a list of all the things you have to get done early in the morning. So you don't waste your time thinking about how to get started.


  •  Divide the task into short-duration assignments. Each task must be less than 30 minutes so that you can experience the feeling of accomplishment after finishing each small task. 

  •  Use the Pomodoro technique to stay focused. 

  •  Take small breaks to drink water. This helps you feel fresh and awake during work. 

  •  Remove distractions, keep your phone aside, close all the unnecessary tabs on your window. Promise yourself to enjoy after finishing one complete task. Ask someone to hold onto your phone until you are finished with work. This will help you not get distracted by the worries of the missing an important phone call.

  •  Start immediately. The "5-minute" excuse will get you to end up not doing anything. You know that. 


  •  Start with the easiest task. The feeling of happiness after completing a small task will motivate you to push yourself. 
  •  Eat a snack and drink water before you start any work. If you feel hungry or thirsty in between you will end up procrastinating. 
  •  Collect all this stationary e you will need in preparation for the work. Don't get up from your designated place until you are finished. 


 Hope these tips increase your productivity in the new year. 


 Thank you! 



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