By- Khyati Puri

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Khyati Puri



Females are treated as goddess in this world,

Still they are raped in different parts of the world.

Everyday girls are raped,

No matter whatever is their body shape.

They are dragged to death,

No matter how much they shout for help.

Girls are judged by their clothes’ length,

Not by their strength.

The Shorter the girl’s cloth,

The more is the girl’s fault.

Society says good girls don’t go out after eight,

Or else they are responsible for rape.

Girls should be home by six,

To avoid any risk.

Girls are treated like toys,

Who are played by boys.

No one considers them as human,

And are meant to be harassed by man.

Society blames the women,

No one raises the question on men.

Everyone says it’s girl’s fault,

That’s why they become a victim of assault. 

People say that their thinking is wide,

Maybe that’s why they put rape cases aside.

For society men are always right,

Whether they rape girls at day or night.

Nobody cares when girls are molested,

And rapists are not arrested.

That’s why girls commit suicide,

Because she can no more let boys on her to ride.

Treat your boys to be a gentleman,

So that they can no more hurt any woman.

A real man protects women at any cost,

No matter how much her clothes are short.



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