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The Bhartiya Janta Party is one of the most famous brands in India right now, and being world’s largest political party, it is the one of the prime facet of politics in the country. But why BJP keeps sweeping polls clear every time?

One of the main reasons for the support that BJP manages comes because of MODI. Yes, Narendra Modi it the face of party and he makes people believe in him and in themselves too. Shattering the prejudices of terrorism, the confidence and the selflessness of Modi gives them an edge.

The chowkidar tactics and the down-to-earth and humble attitude towards even his haters make people believe in a tolerant and wise man as their leader and this is what helping the party.

Another major reason is strident nationalism. People believe this country is divided and communal disputes must end, but some choose radical approaches and the Hindutva and other fascist allegations by the opposition that only makes BJP’s position powerful. The rise of communalistic riots, social disharmony and caste-religion disparities are also a profound basis for majority of hindus choosing a leader and a party that particularly represents the group and their ideology, that is the Hindutva and Bhagwaism.

Another major reason could be no strong opposition. BJP is lucky to face no or minimal harm from opposition whereas it is drastically a pattern that the land-sliding wins of the party certainly happens to occur in the hindu majority places. However, the opposition cannot line up new faces or make old faces look strong enough to compete with the party, as BJP did it so well with modi that there is no more need. Not just Narendra Modi, but other leaders too are well equipped with the policies of the party, whether be it Amit Shah or chief minister of UP Yogi Adityanath.

People support BJP for Ram Mandir also. Nobody ever thought that the execution of the commencement of construction of ram mandir will be this smooth. After the verdict, the matter was handled very perfectly by the state police department and this also fueled zeal in the hearts of people, as they gave the slogan also – Modi hai to Mumkin hai which translates to Modi make things happen.

People were also much oppressed on the issue of clash with Pakistan and China, but the new foreign and defense policies of the ministries are also greatly appreciated by the people of nation. And the issue of Kashmir was also a great success of BJP government, people loved a government which actually acted over the promised manifestoes and gave optimistic results.

Media was also a key player in the success of BJP. Media multiplied the views and visions of the party, showered limelight on them and make people aware of the agendas and good-work policies of the government. However, the AAP government of Delhi is also allegedly condemned to have wasted hundreds of crores in publicity stunts and media advertisements, but BJP just doesn’t advertise, they give results too. And people love it.

Not just the media but the social media is also helping the party in order to maintain a great hold in day to day life of general public, and party address the issues trending over social media, like the anti-love jihad bill and others gave people confidence that they are being heard. Also Pakistan government’s reactions to the policies of this government and their statements give boost to people to more and more support to the party.

The trend for audacity and going back to the pride and rich ancient culture built the very special image of party in every Indian. Whether be it vocal-for-local schemes or ek bharat shrestha bharat manifestoes, BJP does not want any other party to steal their charm by making such nationalistic commitments. Also the cow-saving approach of BJP attracts many people, because majority in India is composed of hindu population with much significance and they all are bounded by a sharing tradition to nourish cows, not to slaughter them and eat them away.

Also one very interesting factor are mughals. Yes, they indeed play a very crucial role in Indian politics as many so called intellectuals claim to be descendents of original Muslims who were immigrated from Arab countries like Iraq and Turkey, but the genetic models present something else, with a proof.

The DNA heritage line traced back for population speaks up that the ancestors of many Indians originally originated and died in this very region. But the false claims still stand, and many muslims think of themselves as the descendents of mughals, which most people hate because they don’t.

Mughals, without much archeological proof and facts were exaggerated in the textbooks and BJP is taking a stand against it. It also unites people.

So, let me conclude my whole article in one word, it is HOPE. Yes, it is a ray of hope that binds every hindu person to support BJP to reclaim the glories of hindu civilization that was vandalized and vanished by the attackers and crusaders, all the atrocities they faced whether be it the mughal rule or many other incidents in modern history like forceful conversions and shattering of idols and vandalizing religious places, or be it mass murders and attacks like in partition or at the time of Kashmiri hindu exodus, it all was filled in and now it is what unites people the most, a ray of hope for better, beautiful and safe future for them and their children.

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