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Shivani Negi


Rebecca : A classic you can't miss


"She had beauty that endured and a smile that was not forgotten.Somewhere her voice still lingered,and memory of her words.There were places she had visited, and things she had touched."

Story starts with a nameless heroine , who lives as a companion with a bitter old lady called Mrs. Van Hopper , but her life suddenly takes a massive turn when she meets a widower called Maxim De winter, she then marries him to leave her pathetic life to live in his big famous mansion called 'Manderley'.

"Last night , i dreamt i went to Manderley again."

But soon , she realizes that people of Manderley haven't forgotten Maxim's dead wife Rebecca yet! She is constantly compared to her in every way which makes her feel inferior and question Maxim's love for her , but at the same time , she becomes curious to know more about Rebecca , what was she like, what she did to make everyone head over heels for her and most importantly, How did she die? And as expected , she comes to know more and more about Manderley and it's people as she digs deeper and deeper and a moment comes when she finds herself trapped in Manderley with all the mysteries.

I liked this classic a lot and i think it's a bit underrated and deserves much more recognition.The fact that the main heroine was not referred with her name to show the power Rebecca holds on her and Manderley even after she is gone. The whole Gothic vibe of this book was great , you can feel there's something wrong but as you read more and more , you are left shocked till the end.

A Netflix Movie called 'Rebecca' also came out in 2020 based on this book and NO!! it didn't matched my expectations and it's nothing near the book , though i have heard that the Hitchcook's version of Rebecca(1940) is great.

I heard that Daphne was a fan of Bronte sisters and 'Rebecca' is somewhat inspired by 'Jane Eyre' though i haven't read Jane Eyre yet!

Classic is not a genre i like much , but this book changed my perception towards classics a lot and strongly recommend you all to read this masterpiece!

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