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Restart 2020


Book: Restart 2020

Authors: Nidhi and Rishabh

Pages: 200

Publisher: BlueRose Publisher

The title of the book is fascinating. One of the catch points to start reading this book. 2020 has shown us many downs, emotionally, mentally as well as financially. Let us change our perspective on this situation. We made a joke in 2020 saying, the most positive word in 2020 is NEGATIVE.

This book provides a different perspective to this slowed down life. We, humans, are superhumans. Since evolution, we are the species with super brains. But let’s not forget, we took everything offered by nature for granted. We have fought many wars for land and power, but today whole world is fighting a war with nature and this time there is no use of any human superpower and technology.

Who would have known that stopping all the activities around the globe for a few months, is what Mother Earth needed to restart?

Our body, mind, and soul also need a restart after this pandemic as we are now used to stay in comforts of our houses for almost a year now. This book gives insight into how we need to change and work on ourselves. Also, it gives life to the post-pandemic situation where we, as individuals, need to work for a better life and environment. The book deals with the wide range of issues since evolution from space to spirituality and thus it makes Restart 2020 a jack of all trades but master of none.

I loved the concept and well-researched topics in the book but the book did not rise to my expectations. Sometimes the book felt like reading a school textbook. Most of the topics were well known but explained in the book with basic concepts. But overall it is interesting to know a lot of diverse topics with in-depth research. There were few typos but overall a good read to start all over again and have a good idea of most of the topics!!

Ratings: 3.5

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