By- Ekjot Kaur
I am an astronaut venturing in the cosmos and my words are my rocket fuel.

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Ekjot Kaur


Rhapsody of Night (2)


The twisted path towards the thoroughfare was filled with our rhythmic breaths,

the silence was comforting as our bleak future doomed overhead.

The birds were chirping somewhere on the trees, the sun peeked from the branches,

took over by an overwhelming urge to eject my despair, I stopped in my tracks.

Confused, he looked at me and understood the pain in my eyes as he pulled me to his body.

When his arms wrapped around me, time stopped.

I had never felt the world before, the inevitable scorching heat of the sun,

the faint wind in the air, ferns, and petals falling from the trees, life, unfiltered and pure.

Too quickly I left his embrace, we continued on our destined path,

branches cracked under our foot, and then that sound was suddenly gone.

As we drove in his jeep, he clenched onto my hand,

the trees and cars zoomed past us, as we head back to our motherland.

Sick of silence, I turned on the music and plugged it into my phone,

playing the song that we danced to once, I gazed over him once more.

The utter despair that shrouded his face made me blink out tears,

I squeezed his hand as he looked over at me and told him to leave his fears.

Singing along with the beautiful verse, we made it to the hospital,

one last glance was all I took and I rushed inside the big white place of doom.

I hid behind the big white pillars to catch my breath and watched his jeep leave,

then I crumbled down in a heap of tears, our love story was indeed short and sweet.

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