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Road safety - a major concern

Reality Check

Hello readers,

Today, we all have vehicles in our home to have quick access to the areas where we want to reach. Because of hurry for our works, people ignore the road safety but they are very essential for the safety of our life.

Let's talk about a major issue i.e.

Road Safety

Road safety means prevention of road accidents. Various road safety measures are made by the government for controlling the deaths due to wrong-way driving, high-speed driving and many more. One must avoid rash driving, drunken driving and jumping red lights. Wearing helmets and seat belts could highly reduce the number of causalities during an accident. We should seriously follow the safety measures not only for getting rid of the penalty but for the safety of our life.

There are many road safety measures introduced by the government. But we the persons of this country not taking it seriously just because of our mind that if we wear helmet our hairstyle will get ruined. But we never that if we met an accident then due to helmet our life gets saved. We just believe in showoff, lifestyle and fame. But we never think about what our responsibilities towards our own life.

The avoidance of road safety measure is highly seen in the teenagers because going out of the rules, over speeding of the vehicle is a thing of passion for them. If somebody tries to make them aware then they think that it's their daily thing nothing is going to happen. We are no more kids, we have grown up and now we can handle everything. Due to this mentality, a lot of accidents happen in day to day life.

Sometimes drivers use mobile phones which divert their attention and they meet a sudden accident which proves to be fatal to life and financial loss is exerted.

We can judge the importance of road safety by analysing the statistical data of road accidents. We should make everyone aware about road safety to ensure the safety of thousands of life which happen only due to violation of road safety measures.

The awareness should be spread to the youth by organising the competition, webinars, meetings and conferences. Road safety should be taught to the students by adding it to their curriculum. Before giving a driving licence, it should be ensured that he/she must have proper knowledge of road safety. If the law gets violated by anybody then their licence should be cancelled. It will help in assuring road safety.

Many precious lives are lost in rampant accidents, if road safety rules will be applied the mortality rate on roads will decrease. Therefore, Practising road safety measures is very good and safe for all the people and their life. Everyone should respect others while driving on the road and take care of their safety.

If road safety rules will be adopted many lives will be saved and pedestrians and cyclists will also feel secured on road.

Thank you...

I hope you will try to understand the importance of road safety and be cautious to your life.

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